Business of Manners proudly presents International Etiquette & Social Graces, a light-hearted but deeply informative DVD for anyone who has felt the slightest bit awkward in formal dining or business and social situations.

International Etiquette & Social Graces

With over ninety minutes of instruction from the Empress of Etiquette herself, Adeodata Czink, International Etiquette & Social Graces covers such topics as:DVD & Book of International Etiquette

  • International Etiquette
  • Cocktail etiquette
  • Interviews
  • Getting out of uncomfortable situations
  • Duties of a good host
  • Duties of a good guest
  • Table manners
  • Toasting
  • Taking a Client to lunch
  • How to introduce people
  • First impressions
  • Customer service
  • Stage presence

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