Fabulous service

Last month I visited the Keg restaurant on Yonge Street just south of Eglinton.

The young servers, smartly uniformed, immediately noticed me. I did not have to wait.  Soft music playing, everything quite impressive, and the service was excellent.

My server was Megan.  She took time to explain the different entries.  She started with “if I may” – to help me decide what to eat.

When I finally selected my entrée, I did not get the usual “no problem”. Megan said “My pleasure”, which is a more appropriate response.  Why can’t we teach people to say that instead?

And she upsold me two things: “What would you care for as a side dish?” I asked for a glass of wine – and her line was “wonderful”, and “of course”.  The bread served was delicious, and the linen serviette was perfect.

When my food arrived, she said “please enjoy”.

I started coughing and, in seconds, Megan brought a glass of soda water; no charge.  This is true hospitality.

Another thing I noticed, that when the man across from me requested the bill, it came right away.  There is nothing more irritating than waiting for your bill when you want to leave.  There was a slight discrepancy; the server said “I would be more than happy to make an adjustment”.  Very classy.  When he started punching in his PIN number, the young lady respectfully stepped back 3 steps to give him privacy.  When the gentleman left, Megan removed the dishes and cleaned the table with a proper cloth.  She laid the table for the next guest in seconds.  Often one has to look at dirty dishes for half an hour – this did not happen here.

There is a difference between normal restaurant service and upscale restaurant attention.  This was definitely upscale.

I would be happy to visit this restaurant again.

What people are saying:


It’s always a treat to open your newsletter. Thank you!

Truly, the courtesy of exercising manners is a critical token of respect for each other as individuals: a small act that goes a long way to make world a better place.   I do hope that the ladies respond to the gentlemen with a smile and a word of thanks.

– Marilyn Field, MSM 

Hello Adeodata,

Thank you so much for your Newsletter.

I appreciate it very much.’

Olga Grant

Sales Representative, ABR, SRES, ASA

Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd.

Köszönjük Aporkám!

Mindig tanulunk és ez így jó.

– Székely Péter, Gödöll?

Excellent newsletter. I couldn’t agree more!

Thank you,

– Valerie Dooley
Mortgage Agent/Administrator

God advise, Adeodata,

– Gisela

Hi.  A gentleman leads into a restaurant, but then lets the maitre’d take over, and lets the lady go ahead.  At least that is what I think.

– Tamas Ugray  

(and he is right).

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