Advent is a time to slow down in the midst of what today’s world has turned into a busy commercial season.

Make a list to whom to write a card. It may be the only Christmas card they will receive this year. Send them right away as it is already the second week of Advent.

Make a list of whom to phone and call one person each day. By Christmas Eve you will have called at least ten people. It will make you feel good and make them feel even better.

Give shut-ins a little bit of the Christmas spirit and they will never forget you.

Upcoming Workshops

(maximum three students in each workshop, preferably less)

Tiny Tots
Ages 6 to 7
Workshops run 1 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. (unless otherwise stated)
Sunday, August 8
Sunday, August 22
100 Dowling Avenue, Toronto
$30; $50 for two students


Teen Etiquette

Adult Etiquette

Meals & Manners
A three-hour session for larger groups, at least ten persons.
Includes three course lunch or dinner.
Please call 416-971-9754 to discuss.

What People Are Saying

I enjoy your newsletter. You are always straightforward.
– Brian Goodman CFP, CLU, CHS, CEA, EPC
Assante Estate and Insurance Services

This message hit home with me. I am finding many businesses have forgotten why they are in business. Yes, it is to sell a product and make money, but to do that, they must ensure customer satisfaction, and that means listening to the customer, not simply doing what they want. It means talking and listening to each other, and asking questions for complete understanding. In many cases, the customer is just as responsible; how many times has someone been on the phone while ordering coffee and then been upset when they receive the wrong drink? As a society, we do not communicate.
– Jodi Blackwood
Etiquette consultant, USA

I always enjoy your newsletter that reminds us many of the ‘old’ values are slipping away. I had your flower problem recently went sending some to Ireland. I found by finding local florists on line I got service as if I was there, and avoided the ‘inter flora’ layer of bureaucracy.
– Bill Jermyn

Great advice about catering to what the client wants. I do my best but sometimes they aren’t so forthcoming, especially as forthcoming as you!
– Heather Chetwynd
Voice to Word

Difficult florists.
– Geza

Thank you for your last newsletter. We Europeans are not used to this pushy “upselling”. I too find it rather irritating.
– Erik

I am so terribly sorry you had this experience. I will call NANA florist and see if they will do this for you in future. I have used this florist for years and so has our church. If they fail my daughter Bianca also has an amazing florist she goes to. I hope to join your class when this pandemic is all over.
Jennifer Bourne, CCP
Credit Analyst | Softchoice

I read with interest your story about the online florist. I never order flowers from the big conglomerates. I suggest that you do an online search for local florists near your daughter, view their websites to get an idea of what they offer, read reviews and then call them directly and tell them exactly what you want. You can usually do better than the online “big box” retailers and get the perfect customized order.
Janice Ketchen

Tetszett nagyon amit irtal.
Olellek Magyarorszagrol

I love your newsletter.
Valerie Dooley

Ügyes vagy, hogy tanítod az embereket azokra a dolgokra, amelyekre ma már oda se figyelnek, mert neveltetésükb?l hiányzik.
Péter és Leila

Question about your upcoming seminars: How do you maintain “social distancing” in these settings? Just curious…

  • Answer: Janice, I have two-three students at a time. We practice everything the way I have done before, including handshake and such. At the end of the session I have them wash their hands with soap. AC