Etiquette Workshop for Teens: 13-17 years

Give your young adult the gift of social poise and grace. A Business of Manners youth workshop can provide them with the confidence they need to shine. They will learn in a fun, supportive atmosphere, and come away with a new and better understanding of fine social behaviour.

You will learn:

  • First impression – how to enter a room
  • Deportment and what messages body language sends
  • How to introduce themselves, how to introduce friends to parents
  • Telephone manners
  • How to set a dinner table
  • How to dine with company
  • What utensils to use and how to hold them
  • How to make a toast; how to elegantly decline alcohol
  • Respecting elders
  • Preparing for an interview
  • The importance of punctuality
  • Stage presence

The workshop runs from 9am to 4:00pm and includes an elegant three-course luncheon with faux wine, and an 10-page workbook. $175 per participant; $295 for two; $70 Refresher.

Whether for a group or to have a private workshop, please contact at 416-971-9754 or at

What Participants Are Saying

My older daughter once dropped a “suitor” whose table etiquette was not up to (as she said with a disgusted tone) “Adeodata’s Standards”, and consequently her own. The break up point for her.
– Elisabeth Sachs

Thank you very much for your time today. I have learned a lot about strategies of communications and proper manners during a dinner, and those are really useful when applying to the actual situation. I highly appreciate today’s course.
– O.Z.

I had lunch with my niece today and she shared many elements of your workshop. It was a family event and we were asking her questions about what would be done in various scenarios. She has retained a lot of information and happily shared her new knowledge. We were all impressed. Thank you for a successful workshop.
– Deanna

I cannot thank you enough for this experience. Bianca went through the entire course with us on Saturday, she taught me a few things as well. She also set the table and poured my wine that evening, very impressive. I shall recommend your course to all the parents I know. I hope to sign her up for the refresher course in a few months.
– Jenni Bourne
Bourne Technical Support Services

Thank you for taking the time with my daughters for the Teen etiquette workshop. I was impressed with all the topics that were covered and the notes that they took in their handouts. As a busy mother in this hectic day in age I feel a more confident that they now have a better understanding of social graces and why it is so important. I wish students would have a compulsory course in school that teaches them what you teach.
– Marina Hogan

Heartfelt thanks for the teen etiquette workshop.  Our children told us they really enjoyed the day with you and learned so much. They told us you were very nice and knowledgeable. My husband and I were corrected by them at dinner last night and they showed us what they learned. Our niece is coming for dinner tonight and we will be utilizing the new skills you taught them.
Thank you.
– Christine

Thank you for the nice tulip and teaching my son. I am sure the knowledge that you gave him will be useful for the upcoming years.
– Amanda

Thank you for imparting some key social graces to my boys on Saturday.  Learning how to guide a blind person across the street has peeked my younger son’s interest.  He demonstrated this for me.  The other one taught his younger sister how to fold napkins. Thanks again.
– K. Thomas

I want you to know how much my son enjoyed your workshop. He was so impressed and thrilled with the three course lunch. It is not usual to engage teenagers for a full day and give them a fun experience too.  He learned so much and he relayed his newfound knowledge on the drive home. Absolutely he will return for your adult workshop.

– Pauline

Good afternoon Adeodata! Both my kids had a great day. Alexandra gave us all the details……you were wonderful, the lunch was great. Alexandra and Nicholas are both looking forward to returning next year for a refresher course. Thank you again.
– Ellie Moore

I cannot thank you enough for the amazing experience that you provided for my son.  You are a very special lady and we are very proud to know you.  We’ll definitely be contacting you in the future.
– Yesenia

We have no doubt that our daughter will be falling back on the value of this training in her life.
– Cathrine Beyleveldt

Devon came home quite excited to show us how to use dinner utensils correctly and how to hand out a business card in Japanese, Chinese and Korean. I was very impressed on how much he took away from the class especially on how to make small talk at a party. He really enjoyed the lunch as well.
– Lorie O’Sullivan, Sommelier

It was wonderful to participate in your course. I found it to be very informative. Thank you for your patience.
-Bryna Sabourin

What a wonderful class you offer to teens, readying themselves to enter society knowing all the finer points of etiquette. You prepare them to put others at ease, feel comfortable in their own surroundings, and put their best foot forward always. The tools you impart will serve them well now and for many years to come. This class is so useful…pity the teens (and their families!) who don’t get to attend.
– Heather A.

[Your course] taught me a lot of things. It was interesting and fun as well. Everything I learned that day I will use, whether it is going out for dinner, a job interview, going to a party, hosting a party, working with people from different countries, and even a telephone call.
– Melissa Moffat, age 17

I learned social etiquette to a degree that could not be attained through any other course. I now feel that I will be the choice candidate for almost any job from here on in. Thank you.
– Chris Wood, CEO,, grade 12

I loved the class and all the things you taught us, and I hope it’s going to give me an advantage over other people in applying for jobs, like Aristotle Onassis said ‘The secret to success is to know something nobody else knows.’ I especially liked the way you were so direct to us, when we did something wrong, in a way so it didn’t offend us and we learned something from it! I am eager to learn more in your course next year! Thank you so much again!
– Nicole Melanie Hueni, age 17

Thank you for imparting some key social graces to my boys on Saturday.  Learning how to guide a blind person across the street has peeked my younger son’s interest.  He demonstrated this for me.  The other one taught his younger sister how to fold napkins.

Thanks again,

K. Thomas