Etiquette Workshops for Children
ages 8-12 years

It is never too early to give your child the social skills that will ingratiate them with their elders and lead to success in future life. Kidiquette teaches young children the basics of polite conduct and behaviour.

You will learn:

  • First impression
  • Introductions
  • Telephone manners
  • Dealing with the disabled
  • Table manners
  • Presentation on stage

Kidiquette is a two hour session at $40 per participant; $70 for two.

Whether for a group or to have a private workshop, please contact me at or at 416-971-9754.


What Participants Are Saying

Thank you so much for hosting my sons yesterday. They were so impressed by the selection of food and desserts that they’re still speaking of it! They have been putting what table manners they learned to good use, and the whole family thanks you for it.
– Warm regards, Heather

Thank you again for allowing my daughters, Naiyah and Asia to partake in this class. They have definitely learned skills that they can use now and build on in their future endeavours.
– Nicole

Thank you for the wonderful session, my daughters loved all the information they learn with you, especially they felt it was so much fun to set up the tables. They are looking forward to seeing you soon for next etiquette. [Kidiquette]
– Ying Chen

Mihaly (8 eves) nagy orommel es magabiztossaggal alkalmazza az ujonnan tanult etiquett szabalyokat. Izgalommal varja a folytatast! [General translation: Mihaly (8 years old) applies the newly learned etiquette rules with great vigor and confidence. Look forward to the sequel!]
– Anita Gombos Hill

My son really enjoyed the session with you and was noticeably more confident when introducing himself when he attended a meeting with me on Sunday!
– S.B.

Once again, thank you for the children’s etiquette class today. All the way back home the kids were talking about what are good manners, what are not. In my honest opinion, this kind of education should be an integral part of upbringing. I would love to see such classes in school, summer camps.
– Alexey Makhinko, R.G.D.

Thank you for the wonderful class yesterday – Jonah had an amazing time (he actually wants to do it all over again!)  As usual, you are the epitome of grace, kindness and humour.
– Alexandra

I really enjoyed learning about setting the table properly, eating with manners and how to enter a room. I’ve been trying to remember all of my manners when we go out to special places or even at home.
– Emma Lewis, age 8

I just wanted to send you a brief note of thanks for the July 5th Kidiquette class in which I had enrolled all three of my children. The kindness and care with which you taught the class was greatly appreciated. My daughter Jacqueline, especially enjoyed meeting you and all three of my children learned a great deal. It was lovely to have a third party reinforce some of the values which I’ve tried to instill within them. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
– Cathy Eu

My nephew spoke highly of your course…He definitely learned a lot…It was amazing to see him be much more confident. Your guidance truly has inspired him to be better.
– J. Salvador, Network Analyst/System Support, OSLER