When it comes to winning and keeping business, it is the little things that count. Do not compromise your chances of success by making etiquette mistakes that could easily be avoided.

Learn the secrets to projecting a powerful image:

  • How to enter a room with authority
  • Ways to introduce yourself that will leave a lasting impression
  • The professional way to present and receive business cards
  • Cultural etiquette that can make or break a business deal
  • How to shine during a business luncheon
  • How to subconsciously impress everyone you meet
  • How to graciously present or receive an award
  • How to navigate networking events with confidence and style

This one-day seminar will have you feeling poised, polished and ready for any situation. Classes are capped at just three participants to ensure an intimate learning experience. $295 per participant / $450 for two people, includes a three-course luncheon with wine, and an 11-page workbook and quiz.  $150 Refresher per participant.  Post-secondary students may attend for $150.

Whether for a group or to have a private seminar, please contact me at adeodata@businessofmanners.com or at 416-971-9754.

What Participants Are Saying

My younger daughter was flown to another city for a job interview with the company owner and executive team for a senior management position. Fancy lunch included. She knew lunch was to rate her, not feed her. Then told me she wasn’t one bit intimidated because “I learned from the best years ago, Adeodata”. She got the job.
– Elisabeth Sachs

Words cannot express my gratitude you showed throughout the Adult Etiquette Workshop yesterday. I am forever grateful you were willing to share your knowledge to make me and others better citizens. Very much appreciated.
– Lorna Murray
Lorna’s Cuisine & Etiquette

Minden dolog amit tanitottal rendkivul fontos es oriasi erteku az eletben. Halas vagyok neked a tanitasodert. [General translation: Everything that is taught is extremely important and valuable in life. I am so thankful for your teachings.]
– Anita Gombos Hill

Thank you for such a wonderful session on Saturday. It was extremely informative and I learned so much. Especially fascinating was learning about the seating arrangements.
– Kelvin Yang

Adeodata, I enjoyed your class tremendously and I like how you taught with a sense of firmness and at the same time being very graceful. I learnt many new things from you which was more than what they taught us at the seminary which I really appreciate.
– Adult Etiquette participant

Sarah absolutely adored your seminar! She has in fact had a recent set of interviews for an executive position with a down town firm, she mentioned she felt poised and confident thanks to your suggestions and pointers. Keep up the fantastic work, it is so very necessary in our present culture. Manners make all the difference in how society flows, at least in my humble opinion.

– L.A.D.

With much gratitude for allowing me to step outside of my world for a day and enter your world with fineness and sophistication at its very best!!!!
– Catherine DeAngelis
Out of Pocket Emotions

I would like to thank you once again for the opportunity to take part in your course; I believe it will benefit me for the remainder of my life.
– Dmitri Dobrov

I have to say it again that it was a great time studying the etiquette there! I learned a lot about the social etiquette, especially those details that I’d never pay attention to before. I’m sure the things we learned today will be very useful for me in future. Plus we laughed a lot today, which made it fun to be there.

Also, thanks a lot for offering us the lunch and the lovely afternoon tea. It makes me feel like I’m having afternoon tea with friends while I’m being trained. Such a good way to learn! I’ve already told some of my friends about the course days ago, will definitely let you know if any of them wants to take it.

Lastly, thank you for everything today. I believe Angela had a great studying time like I did as well. Have a great evening and keep in touch!
– Lynn Yuan

Adeodata’s knowledge and training are the best I have ever encountered… Thank you, it should be mandatory for everyone to take her courses… Always Grateful…
– Rhonda Abony

I really want to thank you again for the amazing day we had on Friday. I learned so much and will be able to take those skills with me throughout life. This was a course that I think everybody should have to take at some point (hopefully earlier than later) in their lives.
– Jenna Goldenberg
York University

Thank you so much. I was able to use my skills at a dinner party on Saturday night – You truly made a huge impact on both of our lives.
– Michelle

A day of learning filled with practical examples, personal experiences, an elegant knowledgeable instructor and much shared laughter…it doesn’t get much better than that! Thank you.
– Alexi Bracey, Partners in Health

Thank you so very much for your insight in the area of etiquette. As they say, the devil is in the details. We must be cognizant of our approach and manners and be sensitive to other people’s customs and beliefs. In this, knowledge is truly power. I will certainly keep you in mind for clients and friends…
– Asad Khan, Director of Sales, BCommerce Trade

The Business of Manners full day course was an excellent experience. Many of the techniques and subtleties of etiquette were taught in a very friendly and engaging manner. These tools acquired can be put to use almost immediately. I used a few the very next night in presenting an impromptu toast at an exclusive club gathering! Kudos, Ms. Czink!
– Bruce Ballon,
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto

.. the best part about your workshop is the practical aspect of practicing introductions, sitting and standing, setting a table for various menus and giving and accepting awards. I will refer your name in all my business circles.
– Debra Bajoras, Audacious Women Leaders

Adeodata’s day-long presentation on formal dining, social graces and international etiquette was a delight. What a wonderful respite from daily life! We were able to recapture the sense of refinement and elegance so often missing these days. Adeodata clarified our confusion about proper manners, entertaining and enlightening us with historical anecdotes about the roots of many customs. I came away with confidence, knowing how to behave appropriately in any situation, along with a magical sense of living graciously.
– Heather Chetwynd, Voice to Word Consulting

Your knowledge of international etiquette has made a lasting impression on me and has made me more confident in business and social settings. I enjoy putting your teachings into practice wherever I go.
– Sharon Hay
Feng Shui Practitioner, www.fengshuihay.ca

You managed to take a subject, a life necessity, and turn it into something kind, special and thoughtful. I really will never look at manners, etiquette and protocol the same way. I am ever so grateful for the experience.
– Carolina Gutierrez

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening with the Canadian Netherlands Business and Professional Association. We have received a number of glowing comments from our members who thoroughly enjoyed your humorous and intelligent talk on business manners.
– Lisa Stam, President