Etiquette Express Seminar

Polished etiquette is essential to successful self-presentation, in business as in life. For many people, though, the thought of which glass is for red wine and which is for white, or how to address a business executive from a foreign country rattles their nerves.

Fear not. In a comfortable, one-on-one meeting I will give you the personalized knowledge you need to relax, enjoy, and get the most out of all your social interactions here in Canada and overseas.

Etiquette Express is a customized approach to answering your specific questions about courtesy and manners.

I will keep an eye on your table manners and offer gentle advice to help you improve your dining style.  You will come away from our meeting feeling more knowledgeable, confident, and well-fed.

Etiquette Seminar Tailored to You

Each Etiquette Express participant has a particular set of concerns that reflects his or her personal and professional situation. For example, here are some of the topics I have recently been asked to cover:

  • Dining in diplomatic circles
  • Graceful small talk at business cocktail parties
  • Enjoying meals with Japanese hosts
  • Politely navigating gender in the Middle East
  • Forms of courtesy in Britain and Europe

Etiquette Consultancy

Before your Etiquette Express seminar I will consult closely with you to identify the topics you wish to cover. That will enable me to tailor our meeting to ensure the experience fulfills and possibly exceeds, your expectations. If you are interested in culturally-specific dining etiquette I would be pleased to select an appropriate restaurant from among Toronto’s many high-quality multicultural establishments.

Cost: $200

Each seminar includes:

  • Pre-dining consultation (via phone and/or e-mail)
  • Restaurant selection and reservation
  • A delicious meal with wine or other beverage
  • Knowledgeable tutoring while we dine

Whether for a group or to have a private seminar, please contact me at or at 416-971-9754.