Before you visit family by Zoom this Christmas, let me give you a few etiquette pointers:

  • Close the windows and turn off the radio – it may not disturb you, but it will disturb others.
  • Place yourself in the middle of the screen, and look presentable. Uncombed hair is uncombed hair, whether in real life or on screen.
  • Keep yourself muted unless you are speaking to the group.
  • Don’t pick your nose; others can indeed see it.
  • An empty chair does not look good; if you are leaving your desk, even for a little while, turn off your camera or minimize the Zoom screen by pressing the minus sign (-) on the window with your video image.
  • Keep it brief; others want to speak too.
  • Have a smile on your face

Wishing you a Happy 2022 where we can kiss and hug each other again.

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What People Are Saying

Yes, yes and yes. I do wish that people would reply promptly, especially when asked to do so. It shows that you care enough to do it and I really do appreciate those who do.
– Dawn Clarke

Thank you, thank you for the lovely reminder to return emails promptly. Having been out of the “professional” arena for a year plus, I’ve gotten lazy? sidetracked? Out of practice? at doing so, and you are absolutely right, it matters!
– Jodi Blackwood

How true! Thank you for the news letter. It is amazing that you always find some relevant topic for your post. Yes, there are some people who are far too important and busy to respond promptly or at all. However there are others for whom you are important enough and respected to respond to your message. Indeed this is a clear distinction and showing how people care about others. In our communications we truly show what we are, where we stand.
– Erik Gero

Great topic. I agree, a fast follow up is nice.
– Heather Chetwynd

Great newsletter!
– Valerie Dooley

Nagyon jó, hogy még mindig aktívan csinálod a nehezebb id?kben is! Gratulálok!
– Molnar Edit, Miskolc