My dear Readers: There were so many comments that I decided to make this newsletter into Zoom Etiquette – Part II.

When on Zoom, the Zoom event manager has the possibility to allow an insertion of an electronic background, like a scenic photograph or if one has a “blank” – say white photo, that can be inserted and thus avoid “noise” coming from the real home environment.
– Geza

Very good newsletter, my friend! You have listed some excellent points of Zoom etiquette. If I may add two more:

1. Mute yourself when others are speaking. Even if you are silent, background noise can create feedback noise that makes it difficult for others to hear.

2. Be present. Other participants can tell when you are checking something on your mobile phone, attempting to multitask, and/or have disengaged from the discussion. You know not to do this in a face to face meeting; it is important to demonstrate the same courtesy when meeting virtually.
I facilitate a monthly meeting of volunteers and the first point is one that most people aren’t aware of. They think the feedback sounds are coming from someone else! Fortunately, I have an IT person who monitors the technology side of things during the meeting so he is quick to mute the person himself. It makes a huge difference!

Personally, I miss face to face meetings … and handshakes … and hugs!
– Jodi Blackwood
Etiquette Consultant

Thanks for the zoom reminder.  I always have earrings on when in zoom.  

On my zoom calls, participants are often handed the screen and asked to pull up documents and charts.  Thank goodness I have not had to do this yet.  Zoom offers webinars to help people maximize the experience.
– Dianne

Loved the boxer shorts and beer comment! 🙂 Never knew you would be moving into Zoomtiquette, did you? Always good to be moving forward and learning new things.
– Heather Chetwynd
Voice to Word

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What People Are Saying

Hey. I hope you are you doing well and surviving this strange time with your usual aplomb.
– Jerome Shore, Managing Partner
The Coaching Clinic

This email comes in very handy. Great work and thanks very much for sharing.
– Alvin

Great zoom tips. Thank you.
– Debbie Ross
Women’s Travel Network

Thank you very much for your News Letter. It has good advice for Zoom meetings.
– Olga