Being on Zoom is like being on stage. Make sure your audience can see you. Ensure that you are using proper lighting and a simple uncluttered background to avoid distractions.

Present yourself as you would in person, with good grooming and clothing suitable for the subject (business or casual). Sit straight in front of the computer, don’t slouch. Maintain eye contact with your virtual audience.

If you prepared any paperwork, graphs or photos for your presentation, have it laid out so you can see it without having to get up.

Unless your Zoom meeting is about your children or your pets, keep them occupied away from the screen. A barking dog or crying child is annoying while you are on camera. No eating or chewing gum, either… it’s unprofessional.

And talking about background: Remember that whatever is in front of the camera will be seen by your audience. A student found out, while Zooming to his teacher, that his dad walked by in boxer shorts. The teacher said, “Tell your father that he shouldn’t advertise that he drinks beer at 10:30 in the morning. And put on some pants!”

Anyway, a little decorum goes a long way.
This too shall pass.

Upcoming Workshops

Tiny Tots
Ages 6 to 7
Workshops run 1 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. (unless otherwise stated)
Sunday, August 8
Sunday, August 22
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Teen Etiquette

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Meals & Manners
A three-hour session for larger groups, at least ten persons.
Includes three course lunch or dinner.
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What People Are Saying

Good Christmas one. I had to smile when I saw shut-ins. We’re all shut-ins now because of COVID. Feedback is good and encouraging. Keep it going.
– Blessings, from Dawn

This is such a caring, sensitive message anytime, especially this Christmas season! Even in a dire time like this, too many people care more about getting than giving. Amazingly sad. Good for you for this reminder.
– Bart Mindszenthy

Adventkor, különösen a mai világban jólesik a tör?dés és kapcsolat az emberekkel. Köszönöm. Edit

Great advice. I have on my list of things to do today to write some cards. And phone calls are another great thing. I received one of those yesterday and it was lovely.
– Heather Chetwynd
Voice to Word

It is impossible not to respond immediately upon reading your newsletter. Your write a message that is crisp, practical and human. I thought, ‘you should be writing for me’. And then, I see a quote I’d sent in response to your last letter. We met once only, and we must do so again. You are classy. Have yourself a most enjoyable season of peace.
– Brian Goodman
Assante Estate and Insurance Services

Very nice advice for everyone. Yours In Style…
– Karen

Köszönöm a newslettert! Mindig elolvasom!
– Laci