To be the Best

Why do you always have to be the best?

Have you ever thought that you can be second best somewhere and still do well?

This person may only be best at this particular thing, while you do best at so many other endeavours.

Allow others to shine here and there; it will not take away from you.

What people are saying:

totally agree!

We all need to be more tolerant and show kindness towards everyone!

Barbara Onyskow

Lovely, Adeodata! 

This sounds like my LEAD program that speaks to us all: Listen. Empathize. Act. Drive.

– Marilyn Field

Thanks so much for your Newsletter, and yes those resolutions are more realistic than the usual nonsense ones that people make.  Do take care, and hopefully we’ll have another year of exchanging our views and ideas. 

– Blessings, from Dawn

Thank you Adeodata!

Always a pleasure to read your newsletters and think about you.

– Florin Draghici

You’re a peach to have all those good ideas.

– Jerome Shore

Thank you for all your advice and insights!  I have always been a huge fan of yours, and remain so.


– Jeff Chow Creative Director

Provoq Inc. | Strategic and Creative Branding

Thank You Adeodata!

Good advice.

– Erik Gero

This is a beautiful message!

– Valerie Dooley

Good advice!

– Gisela von Schilling

Nagyon-nagyon köszönöm a küldeményedet, fantasztikusan elegáns a kivitelezése és csodaszépek az újévi gondolatok. 

– Székely Leila, Gödöllö

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