The simple handshake really is simple, but there are a few rules to follow.

If both are of the same sex, wait for the older person to reach his or her hand out first.

If they are of opposite sexes, the man should wait for the lady to reach her hand out first.

In a business setting, the subordinate should wait for the person in the higher position to reach out first.

In most of Europe and North America, people grasp each others’ hand, make eye contact and give one firm shake. They do not generally hug or kiss each other on the cheeks.

People visiting from Asia may have a limp handshake because they are showing respect through deference. They may not hold eye-contact the way Europeans and North-Americans do, also as a gesture of respect. Do not mistake this behaviour as being wishy-washy.

Many women from Asian and the Arabian countries don?t shake hands with men. A Namaste, with the hands held together in front of the chest, or a quick bow is much better. If you are a man, don?t offer your hand and make things awkward.

However, regardless of the cultural context, no one should refuse a hand stretched-out to them in friendship or welcome.


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What People are Saying

I agree wholeheartedly with your resolution recommendations.
I agree that we should start today to say or do something kind for another person! It will become second nature if you practice this every day. Sometimes those closest to us are those we take most for granted, and they would appreciate to hear a kind word of acknowledgement.? Seniors in particular are very lonely as their friends have passed or ill, and perhaps relatives are too busy to remember to connect with them on a regular basis. A small act of kindness given to a senior is truly a blessing in disguise.? Good Karma spreads quickly and we will all have a better 2013 for it!
– Barbara, WFIM Chair

What were you doing in the hospital, doling out polite cross-cultural greetings?
– Linda

“This is a moving newsletter…I love it!
Being thoughtful is so important…we are all one!”
– Karen Dorland, owner of Image Connections

“Love your little tale of hospital visit. We all need to open ourselves to the inner beauty of everyone.”

You always say the right things.
– Don

Loved your touching story.? All the best for an amazing 2013.
– Heather Chetwynd

“Good one. Thanks for sharing.”
– Jerome Shore, The Coaching Clinic

Love your Resolution article.
– Cecile Peterkin, Career Coach

You know, sometimes being politically correct, using proper etiquette, and just being courteous, respectful, and above all, kind, get in each other’s way.? I think you handled it beautifully!
– Jodi Blackwood,? Business Etiquette & Customer Service Specialist

Good advice!
Thanks Adeodata.
– Rick Hurst, Sysco Vancouver