Time is a precious commodity that we often don’t give each other.
Call someone who is alone or lonely.
Visit an elderly person or ask to take them out.
If they need to be home-bound, bring something home-baked.
If it’s a relative, bring your photo album and reminisce.
If you find yourself alone Christmas Eve or Christmas day, offer your services at a soup kitchen. The organizers will be most appreciative, and it will make you feel good that you give something of yourself.

Remember, the person who does not smile back at you needs your smile most.  Offer your time this Christmas. That’s the best gift you can give.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

Gift of Time - December 2017 Newsletter - Business of Manners







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What People are Saying

Flytiquette! How timely given the Dr. Dao dragging, the Air Transat 6 hour thing etc.
– Tsufit

Great article and excellent commentary! I found myself shaking my head, cringing, laughing, and saying “yup, that one drives me crazy!” Words in the first paragraph sum it all up — in many areas of society… bad behavior has morphed a bit.
– Jodi Blackwood
Business Etiquette & Customer Experience Specialist

Congrats – this is really great. Glad to see that someone is addressing these issues. I’ve done a lot of flying in my time and have experienced some of the ones mentioned. Thank you for this. I will definitely be sharing this with my networks.
– Dawn Clarke

Wonderful to read this. I’ve done a lot of flying but it’s good to see the list. Good refresher.
– Catherine Bovaird

Great article!!!
– Rina Gottesman

Terrific feedback from flight attendants…thanks for sending.
– Kathy Whittaker