To be interesting, be interested.
Dasha from Lioness Gazette writes:
We all appreciate a good stimulating conversation, and we love those people we can talk with and listen to for hours. In fact, we all strive to be like them, to be able to sustain a meaningful conversation and articulate our thoughts.
But how do you become an engaging conversationalist?
Never stop learning and never lose your inborn curiosity. The art of conversation is about having your own say on different things and always having something to share with others. Stay interested, and you will notice that instead of shying away from a discussion, you are actively participating and having a great time

Jeremy Choi, Managing Partner of Pixelcarve Inc. had a lovely comment about this important topic. Try listening more, asking more questions, and being genuinely interested in the person’s life outside of their position in the company. Listen well and you can become a sounding board for them. That can lead to referrals and long-term business success.
Listen more, talk less.



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What People are Saying

Love the story of “I’ll ask him” versus “I’ll have him” from your old friend — it’s perfect! I don’t know where I learned that lesson myself, but it’s something I’m aware of too. Every time some young chick chirps “I’ll have him/her call you!” I think to myself “Uh huh, how about you just let them know I called and would like to speak to them.” It’s always the little things, isn’t it? Well done!
– Jodi

Thanks; this mode of handling messages also holds true in the private realm. I will remember it.
– Agnes

Loved the story and how true it is! Thanks for the “food for thought”!
– Nicole Nickel-Fleming

I like this one. Very good. I’m going to be cognitive on answering the phone and promising as well.
– Jeremy

I do so love your articles. Thank you for making the world a better place.
– Neena Correa

Thanks for that. Times and circumstances certainly have changed. Sally-Ann’s comment about the word ‘Secretary being outdated’ is really true. I used to be a member of the Professional Secretaries International (PSI), then they changed it to IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals) a change which unfortunately led to the downgrade of the duties of ‘Secretary’. That’s my own opinion.
– Dawn Clarke


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