Watching TV on both sides of the border I hear one ‘alternate truth’ after the other. Personally, I am amazed how people can remember what they lied about and to whom.  And the truth always comes out, even if years later.

Our grade 3 teacher once did the following: In the beginning of class, she asked those who did not do their homework to stand up. I was one of them. She wrote down the five names and then went around checking. There were a few who had neither done their homework, nor did they stand up. When she was finished inspecting us all, she said: you five can sit down; the other three can stay standing for the rest of the period. She did not punish us for either, she just instilled in us that telling the truth is better than not doing your homework.

If you are a parent and lie to your children – which they will find out, what do you expect from them? Respect?

Then again, when she asks: “Do I look fat in this?” … you are in a pickle.


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What People Are Saying

Lovely. Time is the most generous gift one could give.
– Agnes

Wise words. Time is the most precious thing we can give others.
– Nina

Thanks so much for that and hope that people will read and do what you suggested in your Newsletter.
– Dawn

Thank you my friend. These are good messages for all ages. Blessings.
– Dianne

I forwarded this on. Maybe some needy child will see it and take your etiquette seminar.
– Jerome Shore
Managing Partner
The Coaching Clinic