Warmer weather brings an increase in travel. If you’re planning a Spring getaway or business travel, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1) Make sure you have your passport, visa, paperwork and ticket ready long before due time. Your travel agent can help determine the requirements, or check the government website for the country you are visiting.

2) Money: Canadian dollars are not widely recognized.  Euro and US dollars much more so.  Let your bank know you are travelling so they don’t flag out-of-country transactions as suspicious.  Carry cash.  Bring your cash in new bills; some countries don’t accept ‘old’ and crinkled bills.  I always have lots of US$1 bills ready for tips.  Have local currency.  Have money in several places – in case one bag is lost or stolen, you still have some money somewhere.  Don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket; travel with valuables close to you.

3) If you have prescription medicine, carry it in its original bottle.  Make sure you have more than you need just in case the airline goes belly up or the weather is not cooperating.

4) Have local phone number handy for Canadian embassy or consulate, your travel agent, and anyone you need in a hurry.

5) Travel light; don’t pack more than what you can comfortably carry.  Before packing each item ask yourself – do I really need this? Also, remember that airlines have baggage restrictions and you do not want to be charged for excess fees.

6) Never discuss the country’s internal politics.  If they ask you, be evasive:  “I don’t know enough to comment” (even if you do.)

7) Learning how to say hello, please and thank you in the language you need goes a long way.

Safe and happy travels!

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What People are Saying

Your story is charming. Good life lesson! The world is full of fake news. No recognition for standing up for the truth!
– Barbara

Valuable thoughts for all ages.
– Juliana

Telling the truth seems to be a thing of the past and if our Government leaders can’t do this, as you say who can believe what any more.
– Dawn

Enjoy reading your newsletters.
– Nina