New Year’s Resolution
New Year’s Resolution

Forget trying to lose the 5 pounds.

What do you really wish to accomplish this year?

Can you talk to your friends with more understanding?

Can you allow yourself to not openly judge them when somebody thinks slower than you do?

Can you tolerate people around you with kindness?

This should be your desire to be a better person in 2023.

It certainly needs to be my etiquette lesson for the year.

What people are saying:

Well said. Here I am feeling the Friday night blues and rather empty of any energy and yet, with your words, reminded that surely, we always have a drop of blood more to give.

–Love, Marilyn Field

Thank you, what a great letter!

–Valerie Dooley

No matter how we feel about the monarchy, today we are marking history.

As a young musician and arts education pioneer in 1973, I  had the honour to meet HM Queen Elizabeth II.   I was surprised at how tiny she was in stature, but certainly a model of towering duty in leadership.  She inspired me to serve underserved children everywhere by creating empowering education programs for them for over 30 years.  Thank you for your own individual leadership to help accomplish this – always for the children.

Queen Elizabeth’s long life was filled with tireless service to all people that was evidenced by integrity, kindness, inclusiveness and calm. 

May we all continue to pursue such values and care for those around us.  Here’s to the future in our hands.

–Marilyn Field, MSM

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