A few words on office parties, charities and comparable events.

  • Do show up
  • Remember that you have to see the same people again on Monday morning
  • Having your spouse/partner accompany you is, of course normal, but, if you are dating, does your date represent you well?
  • Put your phone on ‘silent’, not ‘vibrate’
  • Watch your alcohol intake and don’t drink on an empty stomach
  • Keep your right hand ‘un-messy’ for handshakes
  • Put only small bites in your mouth
  • Don’t talk shop
  • Do thank the organizers both at the event and with a note the next day, even if through e-mail.

As to charities, the Good Shepherd and Salvation Army are closest to my heart because the donation goes directly to the needy and not spent on ‘operating costs’.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, have a Merry Christmas, and to all of my kind and faithful readers, a happy, healthy New Year.


Upcoming Workshops

Saturday, April 29, 2017
10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
100 Dowling Avenue, Toronto
$40; $70 for two

Teen Etiquette
Sunday, May 7, 2017
9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
100 Dowling Avenue, Toronto
Includes three course lunch
and an 8-page workbook
$140; $250 for two; refresher $70

Adult Etiquette
Please call for appointment
100 Dowling Avenue, Toronto
Includes three course lunch and quiz
and an 11-page workbook
$295, $450 for two persons
Refresher $150

Meals and Manners
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Includes three course lunch or dinner and quiz
$175, $295 for two persons


What People are Saying

Cell phone use - Business of Manners Newsletter

You are so right! It is rude. If it is an emergency, and the phone rings, then excuse yourself and leave to take the call.  One of our managers had lunch with a friend. When they were waiting for the meal to arrive, the friend picked up his device, and proceeded to check his messages.  The Manager was not impressed, so he got up from the table, and picked up a complimentary newspaper provided by the restaurant. He then sat down and opened the paper to read it. When his friend looked up and asked what he was doing, the Manager responded, ‘same as you. When you turn off your device, I will put away this paper and we can talk’.  I don’t know why people think checking their messages is more important than the people they are with.
– Barbara Onyskow

As to cell phones, I biked down to Paris (Ontario) and back earlier in the fall. Part of the way is along a rail trail beside a river. At one of the most spectacular views of the river valley there was a bench seating three people all looking down at their cell phones. Sad.
– Clive Lewis

When I took my two youngest daughters out for lunch they pleasantly surprised me by both leaving their phones at home!
– Tsufit

You are amazing and your courses are a sky full of sunshine in an atmosphere of smog, my name for the practices I see in our ‘modern’ knowledgeable society. Thanks to you, our young people will act better and know about our social graces. Keep up the good work.
– Sally-Ann

I’m so glad to see the return of your Newsletter. It’s been away for a while and also very glad to see you addressing that smartphone topic. I do hope that you include the disrespectful aspect of it in your classes and it does need to be addressed.
– Dawn Clarke

I think of you often. Every time I am saying or doing or sharing any of your wonderful tips I learned from you, I am grateful for having you in my life.
– Rhonda