If I can’t see your face even though you are in front of me, it is highly unlikely that I will do business with you. It’s a matter of trust. Sunglasses, prescription glasses that go dark, lots of hair in your face, hand in front of your mouth when speaking – I can’t make contact with someone I can’t see.

  1. Sunglasses. If you keep your sunglasses on your face and they are so dark that I can’t see your eyes, very bad idea. If you have prescription glasses that go dark, at least take them off while you are introducing yourself or just plain saying ‘hello’.
  2. If you have so much make-up on that I can’t see any part of your face, I have to ask myself: what are you hiding?
  3. Don’t cover up your face and especially your mouth when speaking; bad habit. A lot of people lip-read.
  4. Hair: A few weeks ago I went to a concert; two great pianists, both of them lots of curly hair. There they were on stage, hair totally covered their faces, could not see a thing. Though they were excellent, the audience sat there listening to superb piano playing and looking at a lot of hair.

I need to see you in order to trust you. I need to trust you in order to do business with you.


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What People Are Saying

Thank you kindly for the Gift of Time reminder note. You are so right about this. It is so easy to do and makes such a big impression!
– Barbara Onyskow

I agree. Giving one’s time is the greatest gift of all. Time to listen and share.
– Agnes

I love that you are still touching my life with your newsletter. Your messages are always thoughtful and it always brings a smile to my face when I see it come through.
– Lena Mulcahy
Entourage Management
St. Augustine, Florida

Wise and kind words. Very cute picture.
– Shawnna Brown
The Wine & Travel Company

Thanks – some great tips for helping at Christmas!!
– Mary-Kay