My daughter, who lives at the top of the Niagara escarpment, asked me to look after their dog – a young, black Puli – for the weekend while the family went up north.

Here I am in total solitude, quiet, neither radio nor television telling me how many fully vaccinated people have been admitted to which hospital each hour; just cold, fresh air, snow blowing gently, Lake Ontario in the distance.

In this stillness I am getting in touch with my inner self, asking what should my path be for 2022, what can I do for humanity, what can I offer, whom might I help, what to do to make just one person’s life easier.

The Puli is lying at the door waiting for her masters to come home while I am putting my list together.

How about you?

Upcoming Workshops


Teen Etiquette

Adult Etiquette

Meals & Manners
A three-hour session for larger groups, at least ten persons.
Includes three course lunch or dinner.
Please call 416-971-9754 to discuss.

What People Are Saying

Totally agree with your Zoom recommendations! I have found it so distracting when someone doesn’t mute their microphone and you hear them or someone in their space make noise. Also watching them blow their nose or watch them eat does not need to be seen. Zoom etiquette is required to connect with others!
– Barbara Onyskow

This shows a sign of the times when we have to have Zoom Etiquette. People do need to be reminded of that. I’m afraid I’m still new at the Zoom thing so a few of your pointers were helpful for me. Good to see that you have some full classes. Congrats.
– Blessings, from Dawn Clarke

I especially like the smile on your face! I am trying to keep a smile on my face even when not in front of the screen. It does wonders for droopy chin lines!
– Marilyn Field

Thank you for your newsletters. They are always great!
– Florin Draghici

Great zoom tips!
– Debbie, Women’s Travel Network

Ez remek.
– Dobos Laci