Identify yourself
Identify yourself

I had the most ridiculous phone call a few days ago. A woman called, she did not leave her name, and she said her phone number will ‘pop up’ and if I could return her call.  Well, seven phone numbers popped up, two of which I knew, two spam calls, and that leaves three unidentified calls that ’popped up’ from which I should choose all three I suppose.

Really – please especially if you want to have someone call you back:

  1. state your name
  2. give your phone number slowly
  3. state your case

Then I would have called her back immediately.

Make it easy for the other one to do business with you.

Upcoming Workshops?


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$40; $70 for two students

Teen etiquette workshop

Age 13 to 17

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Adult etiquette workshop

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$175 for university students

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What people are saying:

Thank you for your wonderful newsletter. Such an important topic/teaching. Gratitude is the key to happiness and long life. I had an elderly lady in my choir. When we visited her, she cheerfully served us in spite her severe arthritic pain. She told us that she wakes up every morning happy and grateful for another new day. Gratitude is not exclusively human. Here is a very personal experience of mine. Arriving to work, I have noticed a monarch butterfly stuck under my windshield wiper. After gently lifting the arm I realized, that the butterfly was still alive and in a few seconds she flew high in the air. As I followed her flight, the butterfly turned back and circled around my head before flying away. I was deeply touched by this expression of gratitude. We humans naturally interpret events in our own way, but for me it was indeed a “thank you” from another being.

Erik Gero

Thanks so much for this and yes, I do remember to say thanks.  After each service at Church on the Rise, I either phone or WhatsApp a little thank you note to those who participated in the service although I had already thanked them enbloc at the service itself.  It does give them a feeling of being appreciated.

Blessings, from Dawn

Thank you for this latest newsletter.  I agree that the power of a positive remark can do a person so much good.  Many years ago, I decided to go back to school as an adult.  I was full of apprehension and suffered from what’s commonly known as the ‘imposter syndrome’.  One day, as we were receiving feedback from a professor in class, my feedback started with the words… “Terry you are a gracious person…”  While the feedback was important at that time I do not remember what it was, but I DO remember that she thought I was gracious.  I’d not considered myself to be so but that small remark has stayed with me for over 20 years and I make every effort in my day to day life to be as gracious as I possibly can.  So, while you may never know what the impact of compliment might be, I agree that taking the time to let people know how much you appreciate their good behaviour can have long lasting results.


I agree. It is so important to mention the good deeds of an employee.


I usually tell people to tell their boss that Clive said that they need to be paid a lot more…that always gets a big smile. 

Clive Lewis

Thank you for the reminder of how a simple act can produce such positive results in someone else!

Geneviève Caya

The topic of giving compliments is a wonderful one!

We all need to be reminded that it takes very little effort to acknowledge the kindness and service of others!  Too often it is much easier to complain.

Great idea to call the complaint department to have a compliment acknowledged!

Wonderful story about the taxi driver’s kindness towards you 45 years ago when you were pregnant.

– Barbara Onyskow

Köszönöm, ez nagyon érdekes és hasznos volt!  

További jó munkát 

Molnar Edit, Miskolc