Your first five words on the phone should be:
Hello, this is FULL NAME.

When I pick up the phone, the display reads ‘Unknown name’. People start talking about this and that and I have no idea to whom I am talking. When I politely say: “I don’t know whom I am talking to”, I often get an indignant answer like “Oh, it’s Susan”, or “Oh, it’s Gail”. Now I am going through my list of Susans and Gails with no reference of anything.

Please identify yourself and state your case. It will be so much easier for the person on the other end of the phone.

What people are saying:

You’re such a breath of fresh air ?

Jerome Shore

A very sobering, enlightened thought!

Bart Mindszenthy

Perfectly stated, Adeodata. I am speechless in sorrow.

Marilyn Field

I agree; this is a tragedy created by one man’s imbalance and has little to do with the Russian culture! All the young Russians in my classes are totally appalled by this aggression and the fake pretences offered for it.

Dr. Geoffrey Newman, UBC and President, Vancouver Classical Music

Thank you for bringing this up. It is a difficult topic when we get into boycotting.

It gets very complicated with things like boycotting the Olympics, not playing Michael Jackson music, pulling down a statue, etc…

Heather Chetwynd

My thoughts are with everyone struggling in Eastern Europe. Difficult times for sure.

Janice Ketchen

Thank you for sharing and reminding us to be kind. Beautifully written.

Trish Dean

Thanks so very much for this and yes we have to be aware of each other and the kindnesses that are offered in a time like this. 

Blessings, from Dawn

Thank you for your poignant newsletter. I am praying for peace for those poor Ukrainians. And the Russian soldiers that were hoodwinked into fighting!

Valerie Dooley

Amazing. Thank you.


Ez az, kedves Aporkam

az orosz sportolokat, muveszeket stb. megbelyegezni, mert ok oroszok nem jo jel, mert a mediak elvesztettek a jozan eszuket, es csak mint fizetett divatcikk mukodnek. A legbizarrabb az az, hogy “mindenki hazudik”.

Timcsak Geza

Teljesen igazad van!

Banhidy Hanzi

I cannot wait until my grandchildren are old enough to attend your workshops. As a child, I know I would have loved and benefited from one.

Audrey Knox

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