During my great-grandparents’ time you approached someone by knocking on their door. The telephone had not been invented yet.

Now we can use snail mail, call the office line, the landline, or the cell phone. We can send e-mail, a text message or use the Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry.

At a networking session in Oakville many years ago Donna Messer from ConnectUs mentioned this topic, and Jodi Blackwood, an etiquette teacher from out West just wrote a substantial newsletter about the topic of Next Contact.

It made me think about what my own preference for further contact is.

I don’t text.

I don’t like to answer my cell phone while in the car, because it is not allowed in Ontario, and because I will probably not have the information the caller needs right at my fingertips.

I do like e-mail because I can answer in peace, with my datebook and other necessary information in front of me.

If you call my office and I am not in, please leave a detailed message with a telephone number that I can decipher.

Regardless of our preferred method of next contact, we should always ask how the other person wants to be contacted, and by all means express your own preference. It is a simple thing that makes it much easier to do business.


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What People are Saying

This is a great tip! For years now I have learned the power of saying “I need to check my calendar at the studio, I’ll get back to you” for any such question, even if I want to do something, it just makes planning so much easier.

– Bella

More great tips on how to mind our manners!
Wishing you a safe long weekend!
– Barbara

You are a clever woman.
– Tsufit

Well, I’m not ashamed to tell people what I’m doing on Friday. I take it you meant tomorrow. I’ll be speaking on the First Word that Jesus spoke on the cross at my Good Friday service. You can put this on your heading of ‘what people are saying’. Happy Easter to you too.
– Dawn Clarke
Kipling Avenue Baptist Church

So wonderful hearing from you! I know how respectful you are to your Jewish friends, and that has always remained very touching to me! We are enjoying a nice “Passover”, even though the work is so completely overwhelming, but we try & keep the traditions on-going, as I know you completely understand this concept.

I always enjoy reading your newsletter!
Wishing you & your loved ones a very healthy, peaceful & meaningful Easter!
With Hugs & Blessings Always,
– Renee Exton

There is always a lot to learn from your newsletters! Very wise and logical!
I wish you a very pleasant, peaceful Easter!
– Eszter

Adeodata, you write such great newsletters! I like how you include the comments — it really personalizes things. Nicely done … very nicely done.
– Jodi

As always, you have sound, valuable advice!
– Nina

I always enjoy your newsletters.
– Janet Catherine Dea
Soprano and voice teacher