My elder daughter lives in New Jersey. Since I can’t visit, I decided to send her flowers for her birthday.

Easy you say? I wanted her to receive a bouquet of red and white roses with baby’s breath, or red and white carnations with baby’s breath. So I called an international florist. “Oh no, we can’t do that. It has to be either…” Then the person on the phone came up with five different choices. I told her, “Please tell you boss you have just lost a customer.”

Then I tried another florist and had the same problem. Finally, at the third one, I caved in, and my daughter got assorted roses with Peruvian lilies. Neither of which I asked for. Additionally, to anger me even more, they wanted to upsell with a vase. No, she has enough vases. Oh, then chocolate. No, I did not want chocolate, I wanted red and white flowers with baby’s breath.

If the borders were not closed, I would have hopped in my car, driven the twelve hours to be able to go in to a local florist and buy what I wanted.

So, if you are in business, florist or otherwise, please listen to the customer. Hear what the customer is asking for, and then give them what they want. Customer will be pleased. You will have repeat business.

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What People Are Saying

Oh, I so agree with you about the importance of making yourself visible in your photo. What we see carries more weight than what we hear — or read — and people want to see who they are connecting with. The only thing worse is not including a photo at all.
– Jodi Blackwood
Etiquette Consultant

Thank you, I am presenting myself online continuously
and I don’t diminish myself at all (-:
– Peter
(this is my cousin; he was always the funny one in the family. AC)

This is the shared identity syndrome.
– Geza

You offer training about etiquette that is desperately needed in today’s society. Thanks for what you do on that front.
– Janice Ketchen, President
Ontario Tourism Network

It’s good to see you that you’re still going strong and give valuable advice in these hard times.
– Juliana

You always come up with some useful intelligent ideas/advice.
– Erik

Thank you very much for the newsletter.
Please register my son for the October 10 Kidiquette.
– Anita

Én is csatlakozom a gratulációkhoz, nagyon ügyes és aktív vagy!
– Edit

A very nice news letter.
– Carole

Thanks so much. The feedback is so positive. Continue the great work.
– Blessings from Dawn

Love keeping in touch with you, Adeodata.
– Marilyn