I had the opportunity of being invited last month to two concerts in Budapest. Here are a few differences I noticed in concert experiences in Europe vs. Canada.

Everybody was dressed up; I don’t think I saw one pair of jeans. Everybody behaved in a well mannered way. Nobody, but absolutely nobody stood up until the last performer was off stage. In Toronto, I have a subscription to the Opera, and here are some things that bother me greatly when attending performances:

1) some people, especially the person right in front of me, stands up and puts on his coat the moment the performance is over. If you had the time to sit through two hours, surely you can wait another three minutes.
2) some people clap way above their head, not realizing that the audience behind them can’t see anything but hands clapping.
3) here, if the performance was really good, some audience members whistle. Maybe they think they are at a hockey game. A concert is not a hockey game.
4) if you sit in the first row, please, oh please don’t stand up right away to show your appreciation. People behind you can only see the back of you, instead of the curtsying performers.

If you recognized yourself in any of these situations, please do some self-correcting; it will make such a difference for both the performers and the rest of the audience.

Also, I took a lot of public transportation and yes, people (not always the youngest) do stand up and offer their seat for the elderly. We do it here too, but more often there – it is in the culture. You can read this newsletter to learn more about the cultural differences between Canadian and European use of public transportation.

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