I was at the Bank of Montreal and in big letters a sign said, ?Happy Diwali.? Last year on Rogers TV we were met with greetings of Happy Kwanza ? over and over.

And it is fine.

If I meet a Jewish client at this time of year, I would wish him Happy Hanukah and he would wish me Merry Christmas.

Why have we become so afraid of saying the word Christmas? It is what we are celebrating, isn?t it?

Non-Christians get an extra day off for no particular reason. Still, the rest of us can have a Christmas tree with Christmas ornaments and Christmas pudding. There is no reason to turn them into holiday trees, holiday ornaments or holiday pudding. Being politically correct should not be confused with being polite. Good manners don?t force anyone to deny their own traditions.

Here are a few thoughts about office ?Holiday Parties?:
– Don?t give presents that might embarrass the receiver
– Introduce your significant other to your boss
– Introduce yourself to your boss? partner
– Watch your alcohol intake. One day you might be your colleagues? boss ? or not.

I am so not a shameless self-promoter, but we shot an etiquette video last summer. If you want to see my pretty face for a full hour and a half, visit the ?shop? on my site to view the movie.? My book will be finished soon too.

And, for all of you who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas. To all my other readers, I wish you peace and love and joy.


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What People Are Saying

Nice and very timely. It is a big subject to tackle. Also, thanks for the bit on Lincoln Alexander ? it’s nice to see that although he?s gone, he hasn?t been forgotten.

Well, done, Adeodata! Getting info you don’t need is surely an annoyance these days.
I also liked the picture of you and Lincoln Alexander. Even I didn’t look that good in 1989!
Carole Hartley

Great advice below.
Thank you for sharing!
We all get so many contacts and have great intentions on sharing information. However, we should not automatically add someone to our distribution list just because we have access to their email. The number of emails each of us gets every day is getting larger with the increase of connections. We should consider asking permission before adding someone to our distribution list and not assume they would appreciate be added automatically.
Barbara Onyskow
WFIM Chair

Great article…thanks for sharing, and I agree it is only polite to respect email addresses we are privy to.
Thank you ~
Catherine DeAngelis
Out of Pocket Emotions

I appreciate being on your email list, I always read the mails with interest.
Please keep me on the list!
Leslie Csink
Professor of Informatics

You do such a nice job with your newsletter … and I love the comments and feedback that you include!
Jody Blackwood
Etiquette consultant

K?sz?nj?k E-mailedet.
Te egy TV Star lett?l !
Nagyon j?k a Breakfast TV musorai.
Szekely Peter, Hungary

As always, useful information. Thank you for sending this, I really appreciate it.
Heidy Lawrance

Thank you for continuing to send me your newsletters…I always learn something and enjoy receiving them.

It?s always a pleasure to get your newsletter. Thank you!
Sandy Carless
Fabcrest Metal Products Inc.