Acknowledge a job well done
Acknowledge a job well done

Giving a compliment is not easy.  I usually ask for the complaint department, and end up speaking with the boss.  I let him know how his employee was great and that the person is a keeper.  You have no idea how much people thank me.  The boss says he hears the complaints fast enough but hardly ever an acknowledgement for a job well done.

My clients often write to me and thank me for a wonderful session and how much their child benefitted from a workshop.  So here I am asking if you could write into Google too.  That would be such a boost to my rating.

Let me give you an example of an incident which happened 45 years ago. This was my first pregnancy.  Ah, the first six months… (if you have dealt with pregnancy, you know what I am talking about). 

I took a taxi home; the driver was a young male, clean, long hair.  I told him how ill I can get in seconds.  I warned him that if I tap him on the shoulder, quickly pull over so that I can open the door.

Well, five of these and we finally got to my home.  The house had six steps to the front entrance, then four more to the sofa.  He helped me up the six steps, and the four, and got me a glass of cold water. Then he said that I should just sit there for a while and he will lock the door as he leaves.

I did take down the taxi’s phone number and the young man’s identification number.  I called the taxi company asking for the complaint department.  Yes, I got the big boss. Well, I started telling the boss about this young man.  The boss immediately gave excuses; he has not been with us for long, and he – about three excuses until he came up for air.  Only then could I tell him what a wonderful young man the driver was.  The boss was so ‘thrown’, he did not know what to do with me.  

This happened a long time ago, but I wanted to share this incident with you.  I trust my compliments reached the young driver who was so kind to me in my time of need.

Do acknowledge the good deeds, it means so much for the person and their boss.

What people are saying:

Thank you, Business of Manners Founder Adeodata.

I have been receiving your newsletter with pleasure over the past number of years.

Particularly at this time of unfortunate turmoil in this world, your contribution to bring thoughtful communication and respect for one another through considered action, makes a difference..

Many, many thanks for all you do to make this world a better place.

-Dawn Nason

Your newsletters are so enjoyable to read and keep us on our toes to be the most polite, respectful and congenital with one another. The services you offer are so timely for today’s world. I remember meeting you at the networking group in Thornhill many years ago and am so pleased to know that your business is thriving!

-Susan Copp

My comment on this subject is:  if I don’t recognise the number or get an Unknown caller I don’t answer.  If they want to speak to me badly enough they can leave a voice mail message and I’ll return the call as quickly as I can.  I’ve been caught too many times by these scammers that I’ve learnt to hopefully successfully beat them to their game.

-Dawn Clarke

And worse yet when it’s a text from a number you don’t have in your database! 

-Heather Chetwynd

Thank you. So wise.

-Trish Dean

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