A week ago my friend Carole and I drove to Tim Horton’s. The drive-through line was full, so we waited on a side street until we could pull in. An SUV coming down the street suddenly turned into the line, cutting in front of us. In all fairness, the driver probably did not realize that on the other side of the street was the line-up.

I am a defensive driver and never get upset about anybody driving any which way – it is just not worth my energy, but this particular “butting in” bothered me. After a minute or so, I pulled into the line, right behind the SUV. So I went over to this pretty lady driver and told her that this was not fair; we are all waiting in line. I can’t remember what she said; I just told her that it was not nice.

Getting back into my car I see the SUV had a bumper sticker which says Free Tibet. I have a tremendous reverence for the Tibetan people, so I was extra baffled.

Fast forward – lady gets her order, drives off, then we get our two coffees. When I tried to pay, the young girl at the counter said “it has already been paid for”. Well, I did not have a chance to thank the Tibetan lady since she had already driven off, but I must say: this was very elegantly done. A class act indeed.

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What people are saying

I agree with all your observations of concert/ttc behaviour here in Canada. I would like to add that my worst TSO experience was during a matinee performance of the Messiah, when the man beside me periodically examined his phone and alternately, the woman in front of me fanned herself with her program. It almost seemed as if they were collaborating. One on, one off. Since then I have not had the appetite to revisit a matinee performance of anything. However, during last week’s performance of Mozart’s Requiem the audience behaved in an exemplary way, other than that several hurry-uppers made a dash for it almost as soon as the last notes faded away. I suspect that most of your readers do not fall in the “poorly behaved” category. Looking forward to your next Newsletter.
– Agi

Yeah, as a person of the short persuasion, I do not love it when folks stand up in front of me so I am forced to stand if I want to see anything. Send them all your newsletter!!!
– Tsufit

Totally agree with you on the point of the concert etiquette in Canada vs Europe. Particularly, I was quite surprised last year by the casual style people choose here for their outfit when attending opera. To put this into more context, I was comparing my experience with theatres in Italy and Ukraine to Toronto. I look forward to the next newsletter issue.
– Natasha

Good as always! This culture, or rather the lack of it, is far too young and needs you. The idea of “multi culture” is just a great deception!
– Erik

Thank you for pointing out how we in Toronto can improve. Etiquette is simply enacting respect which is always good for society.
– Marilyn Field, M.S.M., Windrush Estate Winery

I love your newsletters!
– Audrey

People here in Toronto don’t dress up like they used to. I had always thought there was an unwritten dress code and protocol for these types of events. I always thought these were special events and required equally special behaviour and attire!
– Barbara

Great newsletter Adeodata!! Those things bother me too!
– Jodi Goldfinger, I Dream of Jodi Personal Concierge service

I agree with everything you remarked on.
– Julcsi

As always, you have made an excellent point and provided strong examples of support. Having attended graduations for my three children in the past two years — two from University, one from high school — I remember feeling disgusted at the tacky behavior displayed by family members. There were some who were beautifully dressed; this was an EVENT in their family, and they were giving it the recognition it deserved. There were others who looked as if they were taking a quick break from cleaning out the garage in order to attend. The whistling, the “woot, woot, woot” calls (personally, I can’t stand this!), and the yelling … whatever happened to using applause to signal appreciation? And if you are asked to hold your applause until the end, actually doing so? It’s some of these little things that can take an event from 90 minutes to three hours. We live in a thoughtless, self-focused society, and it is not getting any better.
– Jodi Blackwood

It is true how our society’s culture and manners have almost disappeared. I am glad you are having the workshops.
– Olga Grant