In 1956, as a child, I fled from the Russians during the Hungarian revolution. That was like a David and Goliath situation. I know what the Russian regime is capable of.

One of my marketing team members is Ukrainian; I wrote to him the first day offering my heartfelt empathy.

However, Tchaikovsky was just as good then as he is now, the Russian people are just as warm-hearted as they were three weeks ago, and walking out during a concert on a Russian pianist shows really bad manners.

So let’s appreciate that government leaders and people cannot be thrown into the same bin.

Let us show kindness where we can.

What people are saying:

Deeply simple observation.

The Puli says it all:

Rest and wait for your family.

Trust your mind and place.

Life is a personal mystery. 

The snow always eventually melts!

Nice posting!

-Bart Mindszenthy

Adeodata, it is such a pleasure to read your newsletter. For some time I’ve wanted to let you know that my daughters, now 29 and 30 with babies of their own, still remember (and more importantly) use all they learned in your children’s etiquette course of almost 20 years ago at, I  believe, the Royal York hotel. Both in their personal and professional lives. It’s truly amazing the impression you made on them. A teacher whose lessons are being passed on now to the next generation…how wonderful!

-Warmest regards, Elisabeth Sachs

Good morning Adeodata!

Love your comments and glad you enjoyed your time away contemplating how you can pay it forward by helping others.

-Barbara Onyskow

As always, thank you, Adeodata! I suppose if one doesn’t mind being lonely, isolation is the best method for avoiding most danger.”

-Frank Nakashima

Lovely Newsletter – short and to the point.  A lot of people are either writing or speaking about being quiet these days.  Guess they’ve got tired of all the noise around them. 

-Blessings from Dawn

Stillness is not easily reached.  A puppy lying in wait might help.  Another help is music: today, while driving home from Toronto, I fell into ‘that stillness’ by listening to Classical FM honouring the late Bill Anderson and playing Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ first movement by Anton Kuerti.    We breathe. Together. And then we take a step.  Together.

If we get to that point where we can gather safely again, why not hold a class or two here at Windrush Estate Winery?

-Marilyn Field

Szep elmelkedes


What a lovely treat. Thank you for the newsletter.

-Trish Dean

Beautiful, peaceful picture.


Amazing.  I love it.


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