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2007 Media Appearances

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Adeodata Czink, president of Business of Manners, has been a media source on international etiquette and the social graces since 1989.

Experienced in print, radio, and television interviews, Adeodata has appeared on programs such as CBC Venture, CityTV, and 680 News, and has been quoted in Canadian Business, Profit magazine, the Globe and Mail and many others. She also contributes a regular column to several publications.

2007 Media Appearances

Countdown to Party
Spree Living
Winter Holiday Issue, 2007

On Business Dinner Party and International Etiquette
Good Morning World
Unplug TV
Avion Films
November 5, 2007

Spa Gift Certificates Make Great Office Gifts
November 5, 2007

Discussion on "Excused Absence Network" in the States giving out forged documents for you not being at work
CBC Radio 940 Montreal
October 29, 2007

Holiday Etiquette
Alberta County
October 24, 2007

Party On...Just Mind Your Manners
Lana Castleman
October 1, 2007

Holiday Etiquette
"Alberta Country" Calgary - phone interview
October 24, 2007

L. Castleman
September 27, 2007

The Silent NO
Toronto Star
July 8, 2007

Handling Summer Visitors
Radio Noon, CBC St. John's NF
June 26, 2007

Office Wear for the Summer: Flip-Flops and Culottes?
940 Montreal Radio
June 26, 2007

Romance at the Office
940 Montreal Radio
May 15, 2007

Eating at your Desk
Morning Show, CBC Radio Windsor
May 9, 2007

Haunted by the Ring Tone from Hell
Globe & Mail
April 23, 2007

Minding Their Manners
Caledon Enterprise
April 18, 2007

Table Manners
March 23, 2007

Etiquette—the Origin, the Reasons
Humber Et Cetera
March 2007

Cell Phone Etiquette
February 10, 2007