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Do's and Don'ts at Office Parties
680 News
December 2000

Traveller's Check: Travel Etiquette
Your Office
December 2000

It's More Than Just the Thought That Counts
Investment Executive
December 2000

International Dining
Venture, CBC-TV
November 14, 2000

Seminar to Teach Business Manners
The Albany Herald
September 28, 2000

Party Time
The Edmontonians
July 2000

Business Card Etiquette
The Edmontonians
May 2000

Real-World Etiquette
680 News
April 2000

International Etiquette
680 News
February 26, 2000

The Tension-Posture Connection
February 2000

Put Those Hands Where I Can See Them and Other Etiquette Rules
The National Post
January 8, 2000