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The Tension-Posture Connection

February 2000
Heather Agnew

For many North American adults, neck tension and its symptoms can be the most troubling of ailments. Causing headaches, back pain, jaw clenching, and, of course, neck pain, this is an ailment that is easily repaired, but not without some consistent effort.

In the fitness industry, we encourage our clients to improve their posture through exercise to strengthen muscles and joints, and to stretch and relax tense muscles to create a body that is strong, supple and relaxed. Quite often, our clients response positively to a good stretching program for the chest muscles, (which tend to be tight), and some strengthening for the upper back, (which tends to be weak), along with stretching for the neck and shoulders. But, I have to admit that sometimes exercise is not enough.

International Etiquette expert Adeodata Czink of Business of Manners agrees that posture is one of the most important elements of how a person looks and feels. She advises her clients to try to "be as tall as you can be." When you stand up tall and relax your shoulders, you will appear more healthy and confident. People will feel this healthy confidence and respond to it, and you will therefore be creating a more positive experience for yourself.

If you are already suffering from tension related muscle pains or headaches, you may consider getting a massage, a chiropractic adjustment, or an osteopathic adjustment to relax the tense muscles around your spine, align the vertebrae, and open up the lines of communication through your spine. Enough neck tension can actually stifle the circulation and neuromuscular activity in your brain.