Adeodata Czink, president of Business of Manners, has been a media source on international etiquette and the social graces since 1989.

Experienced in print, radio, and television interviews, Adeodata has appeared on programs such as CBC Venture, CityTV, and 680 News, and has been quoted in Canadian BusinessProfit magazine, the Globe and Mail and many others.

Etiquette mistakes you never knew you were making
Amanda Lauren,
December 1, 2017

Helen Lammers-Helps
October 5, 2017

Whose armrest is it, anyway?
Christopher Elliott, The Globe and Mail Metro (Ontario Edition)
April 1, 2017

Stockings for work
March 6, 2017

Airplane Etiquette

Cell Phone Etiquette
Christina Cherenskey show
February 19, 2017 live

Table Manners
Lauren Gordon |
Thank you for your quotes. Would LOVE to do regular features with you.
April 2, 2015

How to tell your family you don’t want Christmas gifts
Natasha Burton | DailyWorth
December 8, 2014

Etiquette today
Promod Sharma | Tea at Taxevity
September 21, 2014

This is how much you should tip for every service
Galit Breen |
July 8, 2014

Handshake or fist bumps?
Lisa Rundle | CBC’s Q
Obviously I argued for the handshake.
January 10, 2014

AAA Connection
Cell phone etiquette
Erika Giesl
March 2013

AAA Connection
I am sorry, please excuse me
Erika Giesl
March 2013

AAA Connection
First Meeting, what to do, what to say
Erika Giesl
August 2013

Global TV3
Cell phone etiquette
Alexandra Abdelwahab
August 2013

Financial Post Executive Section
Culture shock
Andy Holloway
March 14, 2012

Financial Post Executive Section
Cell phone etiquette
Andy Holloway
May 1, 2012

Financial Post Executive Section
Forgot your name?
Andy Holloway
November 6, 2012

Maclean’s – Special Issue (PDF version)
Julie McKinnell
The etiquette expert’s tips on turning heads
December 7, 2011

Beautiful Beginnings Magazine
Annette McLeod
Incorporating your pet into your wedding
December 2011

National Post (PDF version)
Andy Holloway
Let’s Party: Holiday season is an excuse to let your hair down, but keep your guard up
December 2011

Toronto Cooking at the Delicious Food Show
Ileana Rouse
Perfectly polite dinner guests
November 11, 2011

Afternoon Tea at Fairmont
Zebunnisa Beverley
Lifestyle of simpatico…
October 26, 2011
Victoria Weiss
Delicious Food Show
October 25, 2011

Global News
Allan Carter
Flipping the bird
October 25, 2011

Financial Post (PDF Version)
Let’s Party, pg.26
Breaking the ice
October 4, 2011

Association of Administrative Assistants Newsletter
Arlene Stone
Social etiquette in a business environment
October 2011

Association of Administrative Assistants Newsletter
Arlene Stone
Georgian College, Barrie
How to Introduce a Speaker
March 2011

MB Magazine for Business
Markham Unionville Thornhill Richmond Hill
Internet Etiquette
Volume 7, Issue 1, 2011
February 2011

Rebecca Eckler
Help Fix My Life section
Etiquette on apologizing
January 2011

Source Imaging Newsletter
Business Card Etiquette
December 2010

The Eyeopener, Ryerson University’s Newspaper
Nicole Witkowski
Etiquette for Dummies
November 3, 2010

Source Imaging Newsletter
Cell Phone Etiquette
April 2010

Women’s Post
Miranda Voth, Editor’s Choice
The 9 to 5 Bra Gets Sexist Reviews on Dragon’s Den
October, 2009

English and Culture Club of Chinese Professionals (ECCCP) Weekly
Etiquette of Social Networking
October 7, 2009

Women’s Post – Weekly Feature
Miranda Voth, Editor’s Choice
Learning the Business of Manners
August 31, 2009

Steve Diguer, Marblemedia
Table Manners for Children
August, 2009

CTV news
Blackberry Etiquette
June 30, 2009

The Connection (Association of Administrative Assistants)
How May I Address You?
June, 2009

MB Magazine for Business
First Meetings: What to Do, What to Say
June, 2009

Sears Magazine
Liza Finlay
Etiquette Then and Now
May 2009

Toronto Business Times
Helping Newcomers Succeed – Canadian network etiquette, business manners
March 2009

Etobicoke Guardian
Seven Secrets to Immigrants’ Success
February 25, 2009

Carleton University School Newspaper
Jamie Peterson
Formal Dining on a Date
February 3, 2009

Conference Connections
Canadian Immigrant
February, 2009

World Journal Toronto Bureau
Tianpei Ma
Manners Matter
February, 2009

Maclean’s Magazine
Barbara Righton
No-Phone Zone
November 3, 2008

Toronto Star
Tracy Nesdoly
Manage Your Micro
October 25, 2008

MuchMusic CTV channel 9
Etiquette tips to prepare rapper Belly for the upcoming MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVAs).
June 6, 2008

940 Montreal Radio
Natasha Hall
Swearing and Gossiping in the Workplace
May 28, 2008

Comedy Network
Good Morning, World
Table Manners
May, 2008

Missing Manners
Liz Anderson
Toronto Sun Travel
April 20, 2008
Karen Fraser
International Women’s Day

March 8, 2008

Wedding SOS: Table Manners for the Holiday Bride
Stephanie Day
February, 2008

Countdown to Party
Spree Living
Winter Holiday Issue, 2007

On Business Dinner Party and International Etiquette
Good Morning World
Unplug TV
Avion Films
November 5, 2007

Spa Gift Certificates Make Great Office Gifts
November 5, 2007

Discussion on “Excused Absence Network” in the States giving out forged documents for you not being at work
CBC Radio 940 Montreal
October 29, 2007

Holiday Etiquette
Alberta County
October 24, 2007

Party On…Just Mind Your Manners
Lana Castleman
October 1, 2007

Holiday Etiquette
“Alberta Country” Calgary – phone interview
October 24, 2007

L. Castleman
September 27, 2007

The Silent NO
Toronto Star
July 8, 2007

Handling Summer Visitors
Radio Noon, CBC St. John’s NF
June 26, 2007

Office Wear for the Summer: Flip-Flops and Culottes?
940 Montreal Radio
June 26, 2007

Romance at the Office
940 Montreal Radio
May 15, 2007

Eating at your Desk
Morning Show, CBC Radio Windsor
May 9, 2007

Haunted by the Ring Tone from Hell
Globe & Mail
April 23, 2007

Minding Their Manners
Caledon Enterprise
April 18, 2007

Table Manners
March 23, 2007

Etiquette?the Origin, the Reasons
Humber Et Cetera
March 2007

Cell Phone Etiquette
February 10, 2007

Ask the Expert: Goodwill Gifts
The Globe and Mail
December 23, 2006

Holiday Party Etiquette
December 8, 2006

How to be a Good Guest: Holiday Etiquette
Rogers Collingwood Daytime TV
December 2, 2006

How to Beg Off the Telephone
Guelph Mercury
November 21, 2006

Radio Noon, CBC Newfoundland/Labrador
October 13, 2006

Meals & Manners for Upcoming WIN Event
Daytime, Rogers, Kitchener/Waterloo
October 12, 2006

Interview re: Former Governor General Criticizing the Queen of England
Entertainment Tonight, Global TV
October 4, 2006

Personal Space in the Office / Cubicle Etiquette
Metro News
August 29, 2006

Cell Phone Etiquette
Radio Noon, CBC Newfoundland/Labrador
August 28, 2006

The Art of Tipping
CBC News
July 31, 2006

Table Manners in a Multicultural Society
CKCO News, Kitchener
June 22, 2006

Toronto Ranking Third on the Polite Scale
Global News
June 20, 2006

Toronto: The Third Most Polite City in the World
The National Post
June 20, 2006

Kissing with Business Associates
The World Today, CKNW Vancouver
May 22, 2006

The Art of Kissing
Toronto Sun & Vancouver Sun
May 21, 2006

Minding Your Business Manners
Metro News
May 8, 2006

Job Search Etiquette for Newcomers to Canada
Career Professionals of Canada
May 2006

Profanities at Work
The Expressline, 940 Montreal Radio
April 24, 2006

Business Card Etiquette
The World Today, CKNW Radio, Vancouver
April 17, 2006

Cocktail Party Etiquette
Globe & Mail
April 15, 2006

Business Card Etiquette
Globe & Mail Report on Business
April 5, 2006

Business Exchange Starts With Card
Metro News
March 28, 2006

Kidiquette at the Fairmont Royal York
CTV News
March 18, 2006

Business Card Etiquette
Metro News
March 17, 2006

Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim Ethical Issue
Montreal Today, 940 Montreal Radio
March 9, 2006

Mind Your Manners
Guelph Mercury
February 14, 2006

Rudeness in the Office
Montreal Today, 940 Montreal Radio
January 9, 2006

Dining Etiquette: A Lesson Just in Time for Christmas
Brian J. Fleming Catholic Adult Learning Centre
Winter 2006 Newsletter

This Is the Law; Business Etiquette; Fine Dining; Legal Corner Live
December 19, 2005

Brush Up on Your Holiday Manners
Canadian Press
December 16, 2005

Children’s Holiday Etiquette
CBC Radio Newfoundland
December 15, 2005

Avoid Holiday Party Faux-Pas
Western Star, Newfoundland (Canadian Press)
December 14, 2005

You Better Watch Out: Holiday Socializing
London Free Press
December 12, 2005

Mind Your Manners During the Holiday Season
The Leader Post Regina, Saskatchewan (Canadian Press)
December 12, 2005

Party Horror Stories
Global TV
December 9, 2005

Manners Important During Holidays
Red Deer Advocate, Alberta (Canadian Press)
December 9, 2005

Mind Your Manners: Avoid Holiday Faux Pas by Brushing Up on Manners
The Daily Gleaner, New Brunswick
December 9, 2005

Schmoozing 101: The Gift of Gab
Canadian Business
December 5, 2005

CBC News: Morning
November 30, 2005

Survive the Party
Metro News
November 10, 2005

Polite Toronto
Global TV
September 26, 2005

Mingling Etiquette
The New CHAY 93.1 FM
September 20, 2005

Business Lunch Etiquette
June 29, 2005

The Art of the Business Lunch
Canadian Business Magazine
April 25, 2005

Job Search Etiquette
Canadian Newcomer Magazine
Spring, 2005

Bad Etiquette Can Leave a Bad Taste
February, 2005

A Mouth in Mint Condition
NOW Magazine
February 27, 2005

Defined by your desk: Be careful what your workplace accessories may be saying about you
Toronto Sun
February 21, 2005

In-law Etiquette relating to the Meet the Fockers movie
Global TV evening news
December 22, 2004

International Etiquette
Menz Radio, Team 990 AM (CHUM) Montreal
November 13 & 14, 2004

Buffet Party Basics
November 2004

Bad Etiquette Can Be Bad for Your Career
October 28, 2004

Love Bites
Eye Weekly
October 14, 2004

Gary Doyle Show
570 News Radio Kitchener
October 14, 2004

Bad Etiquette Can Leave a Sour Taste
Globe and Mail
October 13, 2004

Oakville Beaver
October 2004

Canada’s Business Report
radio aired in 9 cities across Canada
August 2, 2004

The Business Lunch
Canadian Business Magazine
August, 2004

Metro Morning
CBC Radio
July 20, 2004

Meals &amp: Manners
CKCO TV Kitchener
May 27, 2004

CBC1 Radio, Southern New Brunswick
May 17, 2004

Table Manners
Rogers Cable TV, Collingwood
April 1, 2004

Culture Differences
Markham Economist
March 9, 2004

International Women’s Day
Rogers Cable TV, Collingwood
March 4, 2004

An Agoraphobic’s Guide to Toronto
Toronto Life
February 2004

Small Talk, Big Business
Profit Magazine
December 2003

Parents’ Input on Children’s Christmas Gifts
Metro Morning, CBC Radio
December 2003

Living Essentials
Rogers Cable TV
November 14, 2003

Body Language at Work
FW magazine
September 2003

Mind Your Manners
Article by Melissa Hank
July 2003

E-mail Etiquette
Dream Bytes newsletter
April 2003

Ms. Conduct
Small Talk, CBC Radio Calgary
May 2003

Etiquette in Baghdad
680 News
April 10, 2003

Mastering Small Talk
CKLW Windsor (radio)
January 4, 2003

Christmas Gift Giving
Edmonton Sun
December 2002

Party Etiquette
Rogers Cable TV
November 19, 2002

Children’s Etiquette
CBC Radio
November 2002

How to Behave Around the Queen
680 News
October 2002

Master Small Talk
Profit Magazine
August 2002

Digital love: Nothing Gets in the Way of Love Like a Wireless Handheld Device
The Ottawa Citizen
July 27, 2002

Technology Etiquette
680 News
May 9, 2002

Technology Etiquette
Radio Kitchener
May 9, 2002

PC Etiquette
CHML, Hamilton (radio)
May 8, 2002

Technology Etiquette
980 Radio
May 8, 2002

Table Manners
January 29, 2002

New Year’s Party Behaviour
Breakfast Television, CITY-TV
December 31, 2001

3-Part Series on Etiquette
December 16 and 18, 2001

Alternative Health
NOW Magazine
December 13, 2001

Gift Giving
Toronto Sun
December 12/13, 2001

Children’s Manners
Zehr’s Magazine
October/November 2001

Children’s Etiquette
Working Mother Magazine, National New York City issue
September 2001

Dating Etiquette
TRICON Films Matchmaking
July 24, 2001

Presenting Business Cards
U8TV Shower Hour
July 27, 2001

How To Do Lunch
June 6, 2001

Brides and Grooms Will Always Take Your Cash
The Financial Post
May 12, 2001

Cell Phone Etiquette
CKLN 88.1 FM
March 9, 2001

The Business Lunch
Breakfast Television, CITY-TV
March 8, 2001

House Calls
Toronto Life
February 2001

Do’s and Don’ts at Office Parties
680 News
December 2000

Traveller’s Check: Travel Etiquette
Your Office
December 2000

It’s More Than Just the Thought That Counts
Investment Executive
December 2000

International Dining
Venture, CBC-TV
November 14, 2000

Seminar to Teach Business Manners
The Albany Herald
September 28, 2000

Party Time
The Edmontonians
July 2000

Business Card Etiquette
The Edmontonians
May 2000

Real-World Etiquette
680 News
April 2000

International Etiquette
680 News
February 26, 2000

The Tension-Posture Connection
February 2000

Put Those Hands Where I Can See Them and Other Etiquette Rules
The National Post
January 8, 2000

Style Manager
Report on Business Magazine
November 1999

Did You Know?
Breakfast Television, CITY-TV
June 28, 1999

Mind Your Manners, Executives Are Told
The Toronto Star
September 29, 1997

New Business Plan Unveiled
The Enterprise
July 27, 1997

Good Manners Play an Important Role in Business
Administrative Assistant?s Update
May 1996

Some Tips on Minding Your Manners in the Air
The Financial Post
September 23, 1994

Fluent Body Language a Valuable Executive Skill
The Financial Post
March 26, 1994

Learn to Use Words to Your Best Advantage
The Financial Post
March 19, 1994

Doing It Up the ‘Right’ Way
The Toronto Star
June 3, 1990

Small Talk Is a Big Help at Party Time
The Toronto Star
December 11, 1989