Business Manners and Etiquette Consultancy

Founded in 1989, Business of Manners is a consulting company specializing in etiquette and the social graces. From dining with dignitaries to cellphone manners, the company offers sage advice on how to navigate with grace and poise.

Business of Manners offers a range of seminars, from kidiquette to customized corporate events.  Adeodata also delivers keynote speeches, serves as an etiquette consultant to film sets, and is a media spokesperson.

Manners and Etiquette in Different Cultures

Adeodata’s mission is to provide knowledge of different cultures, so that through understanding we may become more tolerant of each other click here.

About Etiquette Expert – Adeodata Czink

A multilingual classical musician, Adeodata had her etiquette training right from the cradle. She was raised in the diplomatic community in Stockholm, Sweden, and knows how to say thank you in over 20 languages – a skill that has proven helpful.

Offstage, she is a Recognized Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, a soloist in local churches, and sings Gregorian chants for the dying.  Based in Toronto, she travels extensively.